Thank You for Your Obedience to the Lord’s Call

Greetings from the Aliyah Department at Operation Exodus USA.  I would like to thank you for your prayers and financial help, and report to you everything you accomplished in 2012 through your obedience to the Lord’s call.

Aliyah (immigration to Israel) from the USA for Operation Exodus is up.  In 2011 we were able to finacially help 194 people immigrate to Israel.  And in 2012 the numbers grew to 241! The bar chart show the numbers of olim (immigrants) in 2012, broken down by area.

Do any Jewish people live near you?  Perhaps someday we can call on you to drive someone to the aiport to catch their aliyah flight!

I also thought you would like to hear from some of those you have helped:

Steven, a single man who recently applied, shares: “I have been asked so many times by my mother and friends why I would leave America and go to a country like Israel, where there is constant political turmoil.  The only answer I could give them was that I just feel right and at home when I am in Israel.”

Shari writes on October 10, 2012: “Words, thank you, just don’t seem enough!  I am truly a bundle of emotion after reading your approval.  This will make such a difference!  Bless you and your organization for the work you are doing.  Once again, THANK YOU for helping make my lifelong dream come true!”

Sholom, his wife, and small daughter made aliyah in December 2012.  He shares: “My family and I are making aliyah because we believe the quality of life will be more meaningful and better in the whole sense for us.  Life in America is good, but feels very empty.”  And on January 14, 2012, Sholom wrote to us: “I just wanted to drop a line and tell you again thank you.  So far acclimating has been going well and we are looking forward to the future.  Thank you for helping us get here; it was a huge help.”